Environmetal performance evaluation by GRI indicators


The production of cassava process generates waste with high organic loads and toxic components. The industries in this sector deal with this waste, most of the time in anaerobic stabilization ponds where they form biogas, a pollutant gas that is released into the atmosphere indiscriminately, can impact on the greenhouse effect. However, the biogas can be recovered these ponds through biodigester technology and, in turn, tapped to feed the boilers to replace firewood in these industries, generating energy and reducing impact on the environment. This article was then assess the environmental performance of energy use of biogas technology in cassava processing industries of Paraná, through selected eight indicators from the Global Reporting Initiative protocol (GRI). Indicators were selected aspects related to material consumption, atmospheric emissions, water consumption, energy consumption and emission of effluents. Thus, the research method was qualitative, using quantitative values for performance indicators in case studies in three potato starch manufacturers Paraná. The main results of this study suggest that the use of biogas system has positive environmental benefits such as decreased use of firewood businesses and reducing atmospheric emissions of greenhouse gases. One company saved 95% of wood and in all cases; there was improvement in operating performance of the companies evaluated. Research has shown that the use of biogas in agribusiness operations is an innovative initiative and presented significant practical results.


GUIMARÃES, Celso Eduardo; TEIXEIRA, Cláudia Echevenguá; CIRANI, Claudia Brito Silva; SANTOS, Mario Roberto dos. Avaliação do desempenho ambiental do aproveitamento do biogás em fecularias de mandioca no estado do Paraná. Desenvolvimento em Questão, v.15, n.39, p.171-202, 2017.

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