Corrosion resistance evaluation of metallic coatings in ethanol fuel


This paper presents the results of corrosion immersion tests carried out with various types of metallic coatings in alcohol fuel. The following coatings applied on carbon steel plates were tested: aluminum, cadmium, chromatized cadmium, lead, hard chromium, Dacromet (special zinc coating), phosphates, nickel, zinc, chromatized zinc and zinc/aluminum. Anodized aluminum was also studied. Among the tested coatings, those which showed a good performance were: cadmium, hard chromium, nickel, Dacromet and anodized aluminum. Zinc and lead coatings as well as the phosphate layer presented unsatisfactory behavior. The influence of chloride and sulfide ions on the performance of coatings that showed good results in fuel ethanol was also studied.

PANOSSIAN KAJIMOTO, Z.; WOLYNEC, S. Avaliação da resistência à corrosão de revestimentos metálicos em álcool carburante. In: ENCONTRO BRASILEIRO DE TRATAMENTO DE SUPERFÍCIE 3., 1983, São Paulo. Anais… São Paulo: ABTS., 1983. p. 263-283.

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