Aspects of extraction and composition of the pore water of hydrated cement paste with view to durability of reinforced concrete


Pore water is present in a free form in the voids of a paste, hardened mortar or concrete, and its
characterization can bring a great knowledge about the hydration of the cementitious composite, as well as
inferring about durability aspects of reinforced concrete. For example, the study of corrosion of reinforcing
steel in pore water can provide important information about the performance of metal in a structure.
Considering this, some methods of extraction and characterization of pore water of cement pastes have
been applied in the literature for many purposes, especially in view of the constituent materials of the
cementitious composite, the presence and content of aggressive agents to the concrete reinforcement and
the characteristics of the environment (temperature and humidity), since such factors will determine the
chemical composition of pore water and, therefore, will determine the subsequent conclusions about the
evaluated material. Thus, this article presents a review of the main aspects related to pore water, since its
extraction to its characterization, and some applications related to durability focusing on electrochemical
properties in this environment.

VIEIRA, Renan Esposito; MENNUCCI, Marina Martins; MELO, Hercílio Gomes de; QUARCIONI, Valdecir Angelo. Aspectos sobre extração e composição da água de poro de pasta de cimento hidratado com vista à durabilidade do concreto armado. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE CIMENTO, 7., 2016, São Paulo. Anais... CD. 15p.

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