Structural analysis in round wood frame of eucalyptus (Corymbia Citriodora) of Escola de Marcenaria building


This article describes the results of an evaluation done on the roof structural timber of Edificio Escola de Marcenaria, located in Parque Anhanguera, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The structural, which was assembled in a frame composed of round bolted poles, which presented a deflection higher than allowed by ABNT NBR 7190:1997 – “Projeto de Estruturas de Madeira”. The root cause analysis of deformation of structure was done through the executive Project, the information obtained in the site inspection and the simulation using the software SAP 2000 (version 14). After the numerical simulation it was possible to notice that the larger deformation was due to lack of stiffness between connections and poles. Considering the flexibility of connection in the deflection calculus, it was observed a deflection increase. As consequence, the roof was overloaded due to accumulation of rain, leading to break up of some poles. According to this analysis, the structural model adopted in the executive project was considerate inadequate, and it was recomended to interdit and strengthen the structure.

YOJO, Takashi; PIGOZZO, Raphael Jaquier Bossler; MIRANDA, Maria José de Andrade Casimiro; SOUZA, Cassiano Oliveira de; BRAZOLIN, Sérgio. Análise estrutural em pórtico de madeira roliça de eucalipto (Corymbia citriodora) do edifício escola de marcenaria. In: CONGRESSO LATINO AMERICANO DE ESTRUCTURAS DE MADER, 2. 2017, Buenos Aires. Anais… 12 p.

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