Atmospheric corrosion of martensitic stainless steel parts


This paper describes a study conducted to determine the causes of the low atmospheric corrosion resistance presented by several valve cones made of martensitic stainless steel for petrochemical industries. The cones presented a severe atmospheric corrosion over a one-month storage in a wet industrial atmosphere. It has been found that this low corrosion resistance was a consequence of a carburizing process of the material during the heat treatment. An analysis of the causes of the low corrosion resistance of the carburized layer is presented.


ADAM, Ana Maria M.;  WOLYNEC, Stephan. Corrosão atmosférica de peças de aço inixidável martensítico. Metalurgia ABM, São Paulo, v. 28, n. 180, p. 805-9, nov., 1972.

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