Building better biobetters: from fundamentals to industrial application


Biological drugs or biopharmaceuticals off patent open a large market for biosimilars and biobetters, follow-on biologics. Biobetters, in particular, are new drugs designed from existing ones with improved properties such as higher selectivity, stability, half-life and/or lower toxicity/immunogenicity. Glycosylation is one of the most used strategies to improve biological drugs, nonetheless bioconjugation is an additional alternative and refers to the covalent attachment of polymers to biological drugs. Extensive research on novel polymers is underway, nonetheless PEGylation is still the best alternative with the longest clinical track record. Innovative trends based on genetic engineering techniques such as fusion proteins and PASylation are also promising. In this review, all these alternatives were explored as well as current market trends, legislatio

TORRES-OBREQUE, Karin M.; MENEGUETTI, Giovanna P.; MUSO-CACHUMBA, Jorge J.; FEITOSA, Valker A.; SANTOS, João H.P.M.; VENTURA, Sónia P.M.; RANGEL-YAGUI, Carlota. Building better biobetters: from fundamentals to industrial application. Drug Discovery Today, 28 ago., 2021

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