Hydrodynamic interactions between ships in navigation channels


This paper discusses the methods to evaluate forces and moments acting on moored ships caused by the passage of other vessels in navigation channels. A model test program was performed in order to validate the criteria for dimensioning pre-tension suitable for mooring lines of Post-Panamax class ships docked at a port channel. The tests results showed that the available empirical formulations underestimate the strengths in this situation. The results can be used for design purpose, providing some estimates of peak forces and moments acting on large class ships docked at port channels.


WEISS, James Manoel Guimarães; ARAUJO, Marcos Felipe B.P.; PEREIRA, Adriano Axel Pliopas; CARMIGNOTTO, Marco Antonio Pannuzio; MENDES, Maria Aparecida Padilha Gandara. Hydrodynamic interactions between ships in navigation channels. In: INTERNATIONAL MARINE DESIGN CONFERENCE, 11., 2012, Glasgow. Proceedings… Glasgow: Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, University Strathclyde, 2012. v. 3, p. 151-162

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