Failures in metallic cans and metallic packaging materials


Metallic cans are very popular and during the last decades have suffered many changes in its form and in its surface treatment. Tinplate and tin free steel are the most common materials for these cans but black plate is making the first incursions in this field. In this paper some history case failures related with the use of these cans and packaging materials are presented. They were studied by the Laboratório de Corrosão e Eletrodeposição (Corrosion and Electroplating Laboratory) of IPT along these last seventeen years. They show difficulties most often found in the adaptation of these packages to the market, mainly those related to the compability package/product and package/ external environment.

DI GIORGI, F; CHAVES, R.; KAJIMOTO, Z. P.; TANAKA, D.K.; WOLYNEC, S. Falhas em embalagens e materiais de embalagem metálica. In:  ENCONTRO BRASILEIRO DE TRATAMENTO DE SUPERFÍCIE, 6., 1989, São Paulo. Anais… São Paulo: ABTS, 1989. v. 3, p. 189-199. (IPT Publicação 1912)

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