Numerical simulation of podded propulsions


This paper aims to begin the studies for hydrodynamic analysis by CFD simulation of the POD system using the software Siemens’ Star-CCM, expected that it will assist in the planning of these tests. Several conditions of advance velocity, side-slip angle, influence of strut body and the blockage effect are compared. Two proposals of POD strut body are simulated in two blockage conditions, with similar size to the cross section of the IPT’s Towing Tank and Cavitation Tunnel. It is shown to be a good technique separating the POD region from the external domain region to save computational cost, allowing analyzing several operating conditions and facilitating the simulations for side-slip angles without the requirement to redo and perform the inspection of the mesh quality. The present results show that the methodology, despite in an early stage, is promising.

KATSUNO, Eduardo Tadashi; DANTAS, João Lucas Dozzi; KOGISHI, André Mitsuo. Numerical simulation of podded propulsions. In: CONGRESSO INTERNATIONAL DE TRANSPORTE AQUAVIÁRIO, CONSTRUÇÃO NAVAL E OFFSHORE, 27., 2018, Rio de Janeiro. Anais… 9p.

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