Motion analysis of scale truncated log boom structures tested in a towing tank


This work presents results from a series of physical experiments of a truncated log boom model structure, based on real equipment employed at Santo Antônio hidropower plant (HPP) to deflect debris and prevent their influence in plant machinery. All tests were designed and conducted at a towing basin. Tests aim to understand the hydrodynamics of these structures, more specifically their motion behavior. The experiments were carried out on several conditions of model length and curvature, upstream velocities, and log accumulation levels. To collect the data, a motion track system, based on infrared cameras and reflexive targets, was used. The tests focused on model movements of heave and pitch. These experiments have produced some awareness on the stability of model, which essentially sinks and rotates its float structure as flow velocity increases, even in the presence of debris. All procedures are part of a R&D project developed by Institute for Technological Research (IPT), request by Santo Antônio HPP.

CASTRO, Felipe Santos de; DANTAS, João Lucas Dozzi. Motion analysis of scale truncated log boom structures tested in a towing tank. In: ABCM INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, 25., 2019, Uberlândia. Proceedings… 8 p

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