Modification of cementitious materials microstructure due to nanosilica addition


The use of silica fume has already been consecrated as a mineral addition capable of improving concrete properties, giving it improvement in its physical and chemical properties and increase its durability. Recently, knowledge about silica nanoparticles has been studied and consolidated, due to its reduced scale, it has a high surface area, with potent filer and pozzolanic effects. Its application in cement materials seeks to explore its effects on mechanical and physical properties and those related to durability, due to modification of the microstructure of these materials. Thus, the present work presents and discusses recent advances obtained with nanosílica use in concretes and mortars and were observed improvements in properties in fresh and hardened state, with gain of strength and better durability against aggressive agents. Positive results are due to modification of cementitious matrix microstructure, caused by nanosilica’s physical and chemical effects.

SCHMALZ, Rosana; FERREIRA, Fernanda G.S.; PEREIRA, Eduardo; MIKAMI, Rafael; QUARCIONI, Valdecir Angelo. Modificação da microestrutura de matrizes cimentícias devido a adição de nanosílica. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DO CONCRETO, 60., 2018, Foz do Iguaçu. Anais… 16 p.

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