Zinc electrodeposition mechanism; part 2


It has been conducted in the Laboratory of Corrosion and Surface Treatment of IPT a PhD Reaserch with the purpose of attempting to elucidate the mechanism of zinc/cobalt alloy deposition. It had been noted that before studying the simultaneous deposition of zinc and cobalt ions it was necessary to study the deposition of these ions individually. The aim of this paper is to present the initial results of the Research about the study of mechanisms of zinc deposition. In later papers the results of cobalt electrodeposition process and finally of zinc/cobalt alloy deposition will be presented.


OHBA M; PANOSSIAN, Z.; COSTA G. D. Mecanismo de eletrodeposição do zinco; parte 2. In: ENCONTRO EXPOSIÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE TRATAMENTOS DE SUPERFÍCIE, EBRAT\’S, 10., 2000, São Paulo. Anais… (CD-ROM) (IPT Pub. 2739).

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