Manual on the rational use of natural gas in combustion equipment


The team of the Laboratory of Thermal Energy, Engines, Fuel and Emissions (LETMCE) of IPT, with resources of Comgás within the “Annual Program for Research and Technological Development and Conservation and Rational Use of Gas in São Paulo”, produced a manual on the rational use of natural gas (NG) in industries, understood to be “rational” the burning under conditions optimized of energy use and emission of air pollutants. In two hundred pages of the book are addressed topics such as: theory of combustion gas and the formation of air pollutants, types and characteristics of combustion equipment, methodologies to calculate the thermal efficiency, substitution of fuel oil by natural gas and installation, operation and safety of combustion systems gas. The project include training of team Comgás to use the manual as supporting material on customer service, and also their presentation to industry through seminars. The expectation with the completion of the project was to contribute to knowledge about the efficient use of natural gas and the formation of skilled workforce prepared to adopt measures to conserve energy and reduce environmental pollution.

VERGNHANINI FILHO, Renato; MOREIRA, José Roberto Nunes. Manual sobre uso racional do gás natural em equipamentos de combustão. In: SEMINÁRIO DE BALANÇOS ENERGÉTICOS GLOBAIS E UTILIDADES, 34; ENCONTRO DE PRODUTORES E CONSUMIDORES DE GASES INDUSTRIAIS, 28., 2013, Vitória. Anais… São Paulo: ABM, 2013. 11 p.

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