Maneuverability towing tank experiments with manifold models: part 1: static test


This work is the Part I of a two-part work, where the maneuverability of three manifold geometries was investigated by Towing Tank tests at the Institute for Technological Research, in order to verify the influence of geometrical simplifications and modifications. In this work is presented a comparison between the forces and moments measured in static drift tests, considering a pitch orientation ranging from 0 to 360 degrees, and the static hydrodynamic derivatives in a reference orientation. In the Part II, the investigations were complemented by the results of dynamic tests. The manifold models were constructed in a 1:13 scale. The first model was a geometrically simplified version of the prototype, composed of two simple blocks; the second one was constructed with almost all the prototype geometric details; the last one used the second model with a plate installed on its top. The tests results indicate that the geometrical simplification of manifold models did not have a significant influence on the maneuvering coefficients, in contrast to the addition of the top plate, which significantly changed the maneuvering capabilities of the model. The study presented in both papers will be used to form a data base for numerical simulation studies for manifolds installation.

KLEINE, Felipe Augusto de Souza; GUEDES, Danyllo de Lima; CASTRO, Felipe Santos de; CARVALHO, Daniel; DANTAS, João Lucas Dozzi. Maneuverability towing tank experiments with manifold models: part 1: static test. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON OCEAN, OFFSHORE AND ARCTIC ENGINEERING, 37., 2018, Madrid. Proceedings… 10 p.

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