Pod device development for small scale propeller model tests


In a ship project, the propeller is a vital component and tests should be done using small scale models to evaluate its performance according to the project requirements. Nowadays, azimuthal propulsion systems are frequently used in different types of ships, and laboratory tests using a small-scale POD device allow research development in this theme. This work aims to present the development of a POD device for small scale propeller model tests, considering propellers with 100 mm diameter. Tests with the first prototype of this project in the Cavitation Tunnel are presented, using a propeller model from Gawn-Burril series. Comparing the test results with empirical relationship, an offset between measured and estimated data shows that some improvements in the project are required.

SOUZA, José Marcos Paz de; DANTAS, João Lucas Dozzi; CASTRO, Felipe Santos de; KOGISHI, Andre Mitsuo. Pod device development for small scale propeller model tests. In: INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, 24th., 2017, Curitiba. Proceedings… 8 p.

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