Optical parameters comparison of dentistry operation lights


This work presents spectral irradiance distribution, colour rendering index and chromaticity coordinate comparison of dentistry operating lights with LED light source and filament light source and evaluate this parameter according to ISO 9680:2014 requirements. Three different dentistry operation lights were compared where 2 of them use LED source and the other a filament source. The equipment chromaticity results are in agreement to the standard limits. One of LED light source equipment presented a colour rendering index above de standard limit, despite the ISO 9680:2014 excludes LED light source from the general colour rendering index requirement.

FERREIRA JÚNIOR, Antonio Francisco Gentil. Optical parameters comparison of dentistry operation lights. In: QUADRENNIAL SESSION OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON ILUMINATION – CIE, 29th., 2019, Washington. Proceedings…. p.1142-1146.

Access to the work presented on the event website:

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