Time series of P-Band Dinsar and DSM differentes for monotoring river bank erosions


P-band differential interferometric (DInSAR) data were acquired from August 2015 until July 2016,
along 240km downstream from Santo Antônio Energia dam in Madeira River (Amazon Basin). The
objective is to measure and monitor erosions along the river banks, especially in forested areas,
with DInSAR. We present the processing methodology and time series analysis applied to this data
set. Preliminary field and radar measurements are compared in order to evaluate and validate the
proposed methodology

MACEDO, Karlus A. C. de; BARRETO, Thiago L. M.; MATOS, Leandro; LÜBECK, Dieter; GAMBA, Carlos Tadeu de Carvalho; ALBARELLI, Daniel Seabra Nogueira Alves; CRISMA, Pedro Rabello; AZEVEDO, Adalberto Aurélio; BOSCO JR., João; ROSA, Rafael. Time series of P-Band Dinsar and DSM differentes for monotoring river bank erosions. In: IEEE INTERNATIONAL GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING SYMPOSIUM – IGARSS, 37th., 2017, Fort Worth-Texas. Proceedings… 4 p.

Access to the Proceedings article at Researchgate.net:

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