Tecnogenic classification proposal for use in landslide risk mapping


This work sets up a discussion on aspects related to the addition of a proposal for the classification of the Technogene to the mapping of features, deposits and technogenic vectors, to the analysis of the letter of superficial outflow axes and the sectorization of the technogene to the usual method of elaboration of risk mapping. As a pilot-area for the elaboration of the landslide risk mappings the selected place was the slum called Real Parque in São Paulo. A risk letter was elaborated based on the usual method and another one was elaborated based on the former one, but also considering a technogenic approach. It’s possible to conclude that the insertion of the technogenel analysis to the risk mapping enhanced the risk analysis, giving more detailed information for field observation and allowing the identification of new sectors of risk, which usually presents higher degrees of risks that those observed by the usual method.

MIRANDOLA, Fabrício Araújo; MACEDO, Eduardo Soares de. Proposta de classificação do tecnógeno para uso no mapeamento de áreas de risco de deslizamento. Quartenary and Environmental Geoscience, v.5, n.1, p.66-81, 2014.

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