Rehydration of cement fine: a TG / calorimetry study


Research on new sources of cementitious materials is required to reduce global antropogenic CO2 emissions of cement industry. Cementitious powders from construction and demolition waste can be dehydrated and rehydrated and present some residual strength according to some initial studies. Systematic studies including characterization techniques (thermogravimetry and calorimetry) are lacking for a better understanding of this material. This paper aims to investigate rehydration of cement powders using these techniques, in order to establish relations between rehydrates water content, heat of rehydration and achieved compressive strength. The compressive strengths of treated cement fines were related to heat of rehydrates water content.


ÂNGULO, Sérgio Cirelli; GUILGE, Mário S.; QUARCIONI, Valdecir Angelo; BALDUSCO, Raphael; CINCOTTO, Maria Alba. Rehydration of cement fine: a TG / calorimetry study. In: PROGRESS OF RECYCLE IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT CONFERENCE, 3., 2015, São Paulo. Proceedings… 8 p

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