Corrosion resistance and micro-struture of Annealed ZN-55 AL coatings


The purpose of the present work is the study of the effect of thermal treatment of Zn-55Al alloy (Galvalume®) coating on its corrosion resistance. The Eletrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Polarization curves in synthetic sea water were used for this purpose. Its corrosion resistance behavior was also analysed in salt spray and Kastenrish tests. The samples considered were steel plates covered with Galvalume® without thermal treatment and treated at 200ºC and 360ºC, for a period of 16 hours. It was observed from the polarization curves that the samples treated at 360ºC are less corrosion resistant, in agreement with the Eletrochemical Impedance and salt spray results. The samples treated at 360ºC showed better performance on Kasternish test.

MOREIRA, A.R; PANOSSIAN, Z; SILVA, S.N; FREIRE, B.M; BALLESTER, M; RIOS, P.R; NOGUEIRA, T. M. C. Corrosion resistance and micro-struture of Annealed ZN-55 AL coatings. In: EUROPEAN CORROSION CONGRESS EUROCORR’99, 1999, Germany. Proceedings Germany: European Federation of Corrosion EFC, 1999. (CD-ROM)

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