Situação da erosão hídrica linear no Estado de São Paulo, BR


The identification of linear erosion was performed in all 645 municipalities in the São Paulo State, and their respective districts, through the visual interpretation of satellite images available on Google Earth software, combined with the analysis of the relevant characteristics using the IBGE Topographical maps. The erosive features rill/ravine type and gullies were identified and the information was systematized in the database, characterizing the process as to the origin and mode of occurrence. For urban erosion, field visits were conducted throughout the state, in order to validate the method and incorporate further enhance the final product, allowing the identification of possible errors in the interpretation of satellite images, better consistency in the database information and obtaining a collection of images of the erosive processes. Taking into account the diagnosis made, it was noted that most of the urban erosion is associated with lack of planning in the execution of subdivisions plan and housing developments, with regard to the improper conduct of rainwater to valleys. In rural areas, you can assign them to land use without conservation techniques as the lack of discipline of rainwater in roads, highways and railways.

ALMEIDA FILHO, Gerson Salviano de; COSTA, Samuel Barsanelli; HELLMEISTER JUNIOR, Zeno; CORSI, Alessandra Cristina. Situação da erosão hídrica linear no Estado de São Paulo, BR. In: CONGRESSO DA SOCIEDADE DE ANÁLISE DE RISCO LATINO AMERICANA, 3., 2016, São Paulo. Anais… São Paulo: ABGE, 2016. 7 p.

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