Serviços ambientais associados à recuperação de áreas degradadas por mineração de agregados


This work aims, still in the exploratory analysis show that mining of aggregates can associate sustainability criteria in the post-mining by expanding environmental services using soil bioengineering techniques.The method applied, with bibliographic references, is to compare current practices of reclamation of the use of soil bioengineering in terms of environmental services. The analysis highlights the potential environmental services that effectively recover environmental functions committed to the local mining activities, such as regulation of water regime, shelter for wildlife, erosion control and flood downstream. Can also be considered the services associated with the recovery of the landscape and natural heritage.Thus, it is expected that the results of this first theoretical-conceptual approach are confirmed by field experiments medium term, which will be conducted in the context of project FAPESP-Vale 10/51233-7.


GALLARDO, Amarilis Lucia Casteli Figueiredo; BRAGA, Tania de Oliveira; SOLERA, Maria Lucia; SOUZA, Caroline Almeida; LONGO, Mariana Hortelani Carneseca; ROMAGNANO, Ligia Ferrari Torella di; CAMPOS, Sofia Júlia Alves Macedo. Serviços ambientais associados à recuperação de áreas degradadas por mineração de agregados. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DE GEOLOGIA, 46., CONGRESSO DE GEOLOGIA DOS PAÍSES DA LÍNGUA PORTUGUESA, 1., 2012, Santos. Resumo…. 2p.

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