Seleção tecnológica baseada em requisitos de desempenho e de sustentabilidade


The design process can and must contribute to increase building performance levels and to reduce the environment, social and economic impacts. The technological selection of materials, components and constructive systems has a significant influence on the impacts generated by the building during its all life cycle: design, manufacture, construction, use, maintenance, deconstruction and renovation. The aim of this paper is to present the sustainability requirements that can be considered on the technological selection of building products and solutions, and to discuss the interfaces between sustainability and technical performance requirements (safety, habitability and durability). The sustainability requirements are presented according to ISO 21.921-1:2011 (Sustainability in building construction: framework for the development of indicators and a core set of indicators for buildings). The technical performance requirements are discussed considering the ABNT NBR 15.575:2013 (Residential building performances, parts 1 to 6). The paper is developed in four parts: design process and technological selection of building products: sustainability requirements and its interface to technical performance; performance requirements according to ABNT NBR 15.575; and conclusions. Summarizing it is possible to consider the technical and sustainability requirements on the technological selection of building products and solutions. Therefore, practical applications must be carried out identify the real difficulties of this process. In addition, the technological selection activity must occur in the upstream phase of the design process.

OLIVEIRA, Luciana Alves de; MELHADO, Silvio B.; MITIDIÉRI FILHO, Cláudio Vicente. Seleção tecnológica baseada em requisitos de desempenho e de sustentabilidade. In: SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE QUALIDADE DO PROJETO NO AMBIENTE CONSTRUÍDO, 3.; ENCONTRO DE TECNOLOGIA DE INFORMAÇÃO E COMUNICAÇÃO NA CONSTRUÇÃO, 6., 2013, Campinas. Anais… p.1023-1033.

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