Seguro ambiental em áreas contaminadas


As a result of the major environmental accidents, the insurance market started offering environmental insurance as an alternative to recover environment damages. In Brazil, the currently insurance policies commercialized cover only civil liability for pollution and transportation of dangerous products, but they are not attending the Law 13.577. Since 2009, the law requires the securitization of remediation contracts. In order to meet legal requirements, the insurance market is introducing new products and the small number of insurers that make it available does not allow the conclusion that the market offers a safe compatible with the Law.

REBELO, Claudia Zveibel Toporovski; ARAÚJO, Marcela Maciel de; THOMAZ, Osório; AIKAWA, Tatiane Nogueira; YOSHIKAWA, Nestor Kenji. Seguro ambiental em áreas contaminadas. In: CONGRESSO INTERNACIONAL DE MEIO AMBIENTE SUBTERRÂNEO – CIMAS, 5., 2017, São Paulo-SP. Anais… 4 p.

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