Modelling the failure mechanism of wood in shear parallel to grain


This paper presents a theoretical modeling of the rupture mechanism shear parallel to the fibers of the wood. The concern to establish theoretical hypotheses through mathematical modeling is linked to the prevalence of an attitude eminently empirical field studies and applications of wood. Create relationships between quantities of macro and micro world from mathematical models bring a range of approaches unexplored field of study of physical and mechanical properties of wood. Considering these notes, we aim to relate the breakdown voltage of the resistance of wood cell walls of fibers. We seek to establish a relationship between the density of the wood – considering the volume characterized by empty vessels and fibers – and cell wall thickness from a geometric configuration. We assume in our model the action of two distinct cell layers: the middle lamella that joins the cell walls and cell walls themselves. The indications of this modeling suggest that correlations have established a strong predictive capability to assess the mechanism of rupture. Therefore, our model has a potential for further refinements and therefore constitute a soft initial thrust towards a theoretical characterization of wood microinteraction.

YOJO, Takashi; FREITAS, Lucas Bizarria; MACENA, Suelem Maurício Fontes; ASSIS, Paulo de. Um modelo para o mecanismo de ruptura ao cisalhamento paralelo às fibras de madeira. In: ENCONTRO BRASILEIRO EM MADEIRAS E EM ESTRUTURAS DE MADEIRA, 14., 2014, Natal. Anais… 10 p.

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