Checking performance criteria in architectural design with BIM


The purpose of this paper is to propose a way to incorporate the verification of performance criteria into architectural designs using Building Information Modeling (BIM), as an alternative to the automatic code validation method by BIM model verification programs. We adopted the Constructive Research method for the development of this study in the Professional Master’s Program in Housing of the Institute for Technological Research of the State of São Paulo. Requirements and Performance Criteria in Brazilian Standard ABNT NBR 15575:2013 “Edificações Habitacionais – Desempenho,” were implemented as filters on the BIM model so that the designer can make a verification throughout the development of the design. The result was promising considering the possibility of identifying and detailing approximately one-third of the criteria in ABNT NBR 15575:2013, using only the modeling tool. Advantages have been identified in using modeling software features, such as tags and schedules for rules and requirements applications, which
can be readily ascertained by the model. In this way, it is noted that this new process may result in better designs, with more complete and reliable performance information. If simulation tools are adopted and associated with architectural designs, other requirements and criteria checks may be made, such as simulation of thermal performance.

SILVA JUNIOR, Mauro Augusto; MITIDIERI FILHO, Claudio Vicente. Verificação de critérios de desempenho em projetos de arquitetura com modelagem BIM. PARC Pesquisa em Arquitetura e Construção, v.9, n.4, p. 334-343, dez. , 2018.

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