Impact of ceramic coating detachment on facades: contribution to deisgn and production (book chapter)


Coating systems using adhered ceramic plates are widely used in the facades of Brazilian buildings. However, the high incidence of pathological manifestations in this type of constructive process has a negative influence on the facade cladding specification, as pointed out by study that shows a tendency in the decrease of its use in facades of buildings of São Paulo, in spite of the potential advantages that they may offer. In this context, the objective of this work is to present the results of a quantitative survey of the main pathological manifestations identified in ceramic tile facades of buildings in the city of São Paulo and to discuss the issues related to the most recurrent manifestation, the detachments. For that, analyzes of facade evaluation reports, made available by a pathology consulting firm, were done in 24 buildings located in São Paulo and finished with ceramic plates or porcelain tablets. Fourteen buildings, with ages between 3 and 20 years, presented detachments originated, mainly, by failures of constructive origin, while the other ten, aged between 21 and 47 years, presented detachments originated, mainly, due to faults of acquired origin. The decoupling indexes of the coating on the façades of the buildings were evaluated, relating them to the generating causes and their origins. The work concluded that the failures with constructive origin were significantly larger than those with acquired origin, contributing to highlight the importance of the coating design and the constructive process of this type of coating.

OLIVEIRA, Luciana Alves de; VARELLA, Luciana Araújo Maurício; SAHADE, Renato Freua. Incidência de descolamento em revestimentos cerâmicos aderidos em fachadas; contribuição para o projeto e a produção. In: TULIO, Franciele Braga Machado. (Org.) Pesquisa científica e inovação tecnológica nas engenharias. Ponta Grossa, Atena, 2019. Cap.11, p.121-132.

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