City mobility week in Brazil: report (book chapter)


The Latin America City Showcase was held in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil on 23-25 March 2015, as a part of Viajeo Plus activities. It consisted of interactive site visits of Sustainable Urban Mobility solutions, workshops and meetings to allow stakeholders to gain first-hand experience of innovative solutions, exchange knowledge and share information. Attendees of the City Showcase included city representatives, policy makers, technology providers and researchers from Europe, Latin America and Mediterranean Partner Countries. Three site visits (transport control centre, Gondola lift and BRT) were organised in Rio de Janeiro. Site visits in São Paulo were visiting Leisure Cycling Lanes which allow flexible use of road space and experiencing seamless multimodal travel using public transport and integrated ticketing system. Future cooperation priorities were also identified during the event.

Di PASQUALE, Guido; MAGNALARDO, Silvia; SANTOS, Alessandro Santiago dos; LEAL, Adriano Galindo. City mobility week in Brazil: report.In: EUROPEAN ROAD TRANSPORT TELEMATICS IMPLEMENTATION COORDINATION – ERTICO. Viajeo Plus: international coordenation implementation of innovative amd efficient urban mobility solutions. Bruxelas: ERTICO, 2015. 32 p. (Project 605580 – FP7 – SST.2013.3-2).

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