Prediction models for multiphase-flow-induced corrosion of API X80 steel in CO2/H2S environment


In the offshore oil and gas industry, mainly focusing on the use of rigid or flexible pipes of subsea infrastructure applied to risers or flowlines, one of the greatest difficulties is the interpretation of the combined effects of the various correlated phenomena (hydrodynamic effects of intermittent flow, the effects of corrosivity of the environment in addition to variations in pressure, temperature, and dynamic loading). On the basis of this scenario, defining the degree of severity of each of the correlated system variables becomes of fundamental importance for establishing reliable criteria for selecting materials for subsea application. The established flow pattern directly affects the corrosion rate (or the pipe material mass loss), but the balance of other variables including possible changes in the physical and transported fluid chemical properties may increase the damage up to an order of magnitude, which is a piece of information normally not foreseen in design criteria. Therefore, to improve the understanding of the corrosion study influenced by multiphase flow, a testing loop was designed and assembled at the Corrosion and Protection Laboratory of the Institute for Technological Research, in which API X80 steel coupons were positioned in locations with a 0° and 45° inclinations. Tests were conducted by varying the partial pressure of the gaseous phase containing blends of CO2 and H2S with N2 balance, mixed with the liquid phase containing light oil and heavy oil in water with salinity (NaCl)‐ simulating oil well conditions with 80% water cut. The main objective of this study is to establish models that can predict the corrosion intensity in conditions close to those obtained experimentally. To achieve results, the multiple regression and Box–Cox transformation methods were applied. These models will make possible damage prediction and optimization of matrix parameters for the multiphase‐loop test.

SILVA, Carlos Alberto da; PEREIRA, Henrique B.; TAQUEDA, Maria E.S.; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour. Prediction models for multiphase-flow-induced corrosion of API X80 steel in CO2/H2S environment. Material and Corrosion, Jul., 2021.

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