Training for specification and quality control of packaging

Numerous problems may arise from the absence of packaging quality control, e.g., there is no basis for comparison for the best purchase; one can buy considering only the lowest price or pay for a product of a certain quality and receive a different one; and minor variations in material quality or dimensions accumulated over time may impair packaging performance (protection of the product, contain the correct volume of product, or provide adequate information about those involved in its distribution). Deviations from compulsory legal requirements put the company at risk of sanctions from inspection agencies, etc.

IPT can advise companies about material quality control, manufacturing processes or packaging purchased from third parties. Additionally, IPT can assist in the purchasing process, specification and inspection of packaging and cargo systems.

In this regard, the Institute is active in different ways:
  • Participation in specialized events and in open presentations;
  • In-house training courses, in which real problems of the company are discussed;
  • Drafting of specific catalogs in accordance with the specific companies logistics,
  • Demonstrations in the laboratory.
The training strategy is defined according to the company’s needs.

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