Testing for electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic equipment

The sale of electric and electronic products on international markets and in some areas of the domestic market requires obligatory electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC) to protect communications and ensure the equipment’s safe operation.

IPT performs practically all the tests conducted on various families of products and also offers technical support to solve problems that are encountered.

The main product families tested are:
  • Audio and video equipment, CISPR 15 standards;
  • Electro-medical equipment, CISPR 11 standard;
  • Domestic electrical products, CISPR 14 standard;
  • Information technology equipment, CISPR 22 standard.
The basic conductive immunity standards are: IEC 60601-2, IEC 60601-4, IEC 60601-5, IEC 60601-6, IEC 60601-8, and IEC 60601-11. Tests performed according to these standards verify if the equipment withstands normal interferences in the electromagnetic environment without causing safety risks.

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