Performance evaluation and compliance verification of vehicle components

IPT acts in the automotive sector, mainly in the development of static and dynamic fatigue tests on mechanical components. Some of these tests are accredited by the Brazilian Network of Test Laboratories, RBLE / INMETRO, according to the NBR ISO/IEC 17025 standard, and are compulsory, aiming basically to ensure vehicle operation safety. With regard to trucks, the following tests are available: vertical deflection, torsion and axle end fatigue of auxiliary vehicle axles (EVA); strength of container anchoring devices on road transport equipment (DIF); container carrying vehicles (VPC); road performance evaluation; performance evaluation of braking systems on trucks equipped with auxiliary vehicle axles and kingpins.

The Institute also develops tests to verify the technical specifications of vehicle components in general, thus contributing to improve their quality in support of Brazilian industry. The tests are applied on axles, springs, suspension systems, couplings, cabins, and shock absorbers and their pads, among others.

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