Characterization of thermal and luminous properties of glass

Knowledge of the thermal and luminous properties of transparent or translucent materials such as glass and polycarbonates is important for solving problems related to comfort in built environments. The most important information is the percentage of solar radiation or light passing through a given component, such as a glass windowpane and the heat radiating over its surface.

IPT’s laboratories are equipped to determine, according to standardized methods such as ASTM E 424, the properties of solar radiation transmittance and luminous transmittance, which indicate, respectively, the quantity of solar energy and light passing through a constructive component. Surface emissivity indicates the amount of heat emitted and is also determined using standard laboratory methods, such as JIS A 1423. In double glazing, for example, the adequate combination of these properties, using reflective films applied on the surfaces, results in highly efficient products for reducing thermal loads in air conditioning systems, and high use of natural light.

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