Performance evaluation of constructive components and systems

IPT analyzes and tests constructive systems and traditional or innovative products to evaluate their potential performance or expected behavior in use. This work involves several of the Institute’s laboratories and the results are published in IPT’s Technical Evaluation Reports or Technical Evaluation Documents which are supplied to clients. IPT also aids in the preparation of guidelines for SINAT (National System for Technical Evaluation of Innovative Products) and the write-up of DATecs (Technical Evaluation Documents) within the scope of SINAT.

The reference for performance evaluation is NBR 15.575 – Performance of residential buildings up to 5 floors, which comprises structural performance, fire safety, water-tightness, thermal and acoustic performance, durability and ease of maintenance, among other aspects. These evaluations, however, are not restricted to buildings up to 5 floors, but can be made for any type of building and for uses other than housing, such as schools, commercial buildings, etc.

IPT also uses performance evaluation tools for the development of constructive products and systems.

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