Development and technological support for civil engineering quality programs and systems

IPT provides technological support to quality systems and programs in civil engineering, focusing particularly on the building construction sector. In the area of products, materials and components for civil engineering, the Institute offers technological support for the development of quality control programs, qualification and continued quality improvements; to technical management and support to industry quality programs and for technical standardization. IPT acts in conformity with regionally established quality programs such as QUALIHAB, a program for housing construction in the state of São Paulo, and on a national level with PBQP-H, Brazilian Program for Quality and Productivity in Habitation, formatting and supplying technological support to Industry Quality Programs.

In the area of construction services, activities include technological support for technical standardization, auditing of construction sites – both ongoing and finished, in evaluation programs in use or post-occupation, in the preparation of recommended codes of practice and in the evaluation of enterprises, especially in housing, albeit without excluding other uses such as commercial enterprises.

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