Evaluation, quality control and preparation of technical specifications for furniture

IPT performs tests for conformity evaluation of furniture (home, office, schools and for use in public spaces) according to Brazilian (NBR) and international standards, including verification of dimensions, stability, mechanical strength and durability, as well as checking ergonomic characteristics.

This work includes technical advice for improvements in furniture quality, ranging from preparation of technical specifications – general requirements, dimensions, materials, specific component characteristics, stability, mechanical strength and durability, according to ABNT standards (Brazilian Technical Standards Association) to conformity evaluation tests, quality control of initial samples and of furniture production batches.

In addition to being accredited by INMETRO for tests of school furniture (NBR 14006-2008) and office chairs (NBR 13962-2006), the Institute performs evaluation tests to verify furniture conformity for certifying bodies such as ABNT Certificadora and BRTUV Certificadora.

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