Special tests on plastics, rubber and composites

In industrial plants, polymers and copolymers can be mixed to obtain polymer blends. When miscible, the properties of the blends derive from the properties of the individual polymers, although a synergistic action may occur. Depending on the application, several blends of different compositions can be prepared, resulting in polymers with different physicochemical properties.

New materials and industrial products are thus presented to the market every day and the characterization of their composition and properties is essential for the development of this area.

Companies are often unable to keep up with these innovations and need specific tests to identify the base polymer of a material, or to characterize specific properties to meet the requirements of a given application.

Using analytical techniques and tests, IPT characterizes the chemical structure and physicochemical properties of the material, revealing its composition and mechanical performance under specific conditions.

Examples of activities in this area are:
  • Qualitative chemical identification of different polymer materials;
  • Chemical, physical and mechanical tests of samples of different polymer materials;
  • Qualitative chemical analysis to verify similarity between two polymer samples;
  • Qualitative and quantitative determination of fillers in polymer material;
  • Technical evaluation of polymer products available on the market for purposes of comparison;
  • Characterization tests for specific formulation to meet a client’s needs;
  • Evaluation of strength of dental materials.

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