Scale increase of biotechnological processes and follow-up of implementation

Increase of scale means to reproduce in larger size equipment the results obtained successfully on a smaller scale.

The development of processes in bioreactors is generally carried out on three scales: bench scale, in which basic procedures and process parameters are developed; pilot scale, in which the operating conditions are optimized; and industrial scale, in which the process must become economically feasible. The success of this activity depends on identification of criteria for the increased scale most suitable for each process.

The experience of IPT’s researchers in the application and development of methodologies to measure the consumption and transfer of oxygen in aerobic processes, as well as the existing knowledge for dimensioning and designing bioreactors, have been decisive in the choice of criteria for increase of scale used in the various biotechnological processes that have already been developed. IPT has CSTR bioreactors and instrumented air-lifts of various volumes (0.5 to 100 liters), which can be operated in discontinuous, discontinuous feed or continuous mode, and are equipped with analytical instruments (gas, liquid and ion chromatographs, spectrometers and gas analyzers) to determine process parameters. Based on its laboratory infrastructure, the Institute also offers the possibility of scale-down of existing processes that require adjustments and improvements, and offers support to and training of the company team in the start-up of bioprocesses.

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