Qualitative and quantitative analysis of PAHs

IPT determines Polycyclic or Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in raw materials, finished products and subproducts of metalworking companies, steel mills, petrochemical plants and chemical transformation industries in general, in order to overcome technical barriers to exportation. This analysis is also required for purposes of occupational health control, since some PAHs are carcinogens, among them benzo(a)pyrene.

To perform these analyses, IPT uses gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, with certified analytical and quality standards.

The main PAHs determined by IPT are listed below:
  • Anthracene
  • Phenanthrene
  • Acenaphthene
  • Acenaphthylene
  • Benzo(a)pyrene
  • Fluorene
  • Pyrene
  • Fluoranthene
  • Chrysene
  • Perylene
  • Benzo(a)anthracene
  • Benzo(b)fluoranthene
  • Benzo(k)fluorantene
  • Indane(1,2,3-CD)pyrene
  • Dibenzo(a,h)anthracene
  • Benzo(g,h,i)perylene

In addition to these PAHs, other aromatic hydrocarbons such as naphtalene, indene, indane, methylnaphthalene, dimethylnaphtalene, etc., can also be determined.

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