Identification of causes of odors in food packaging and different materials

Paper, textiles, and materials in powder and liquid readily absorb and retain odors, some of them difficult to characterize but perceptible to the human sense of smell.

IPT’s laboratories are prepared to identify substances that can cause unusual odors in different types of materials, by comparing an odorless material of the same nature with another presenting an uncharacteristic odor.

This work can be performed on papers of different applications, food products, food packaging, drugs, cosmetics, essential oils, perfumes, textiles and others.

Additionally, odor migration can be verified in materials of different natures that are transported in the same cargo, such as cleaning and food products.

The Institute is equipped with samplers for headspace type vapors, chromatographs and mass spectrometers, as well as collections containing a wide variety of substances to assist in the characterization of odors, most of which are not caused by a single substance but by a combination of various compounds of different natures.

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