Evaluation of antimicrobial activity in products

Antimicrobial properties can be incorporated into a variety of products for the following purposes:
  • Increase the product’s service life by retarding or preventing the development of degrading microorganisms.
  • Obtain safer products by preventing or retarding the development of microorganisms harmful to human health.
To evaluate the presence of antimicrobial activity (bactericidal and bacteriostatic, fungicidal and fungistatic) or resistance of fungal and bacterial attack in samples of industrial products, IPT analyzes these materials qualitatively and quantitatively according to national and international methods and standards (INCQS, JIZ, AATCC, DIN) or through specific assays developed especially to meet the needs for the use of the material. The products analyzed include fabrics, paper, ink, plastics, polymers, cosmetics, ceramics, leather, disinfectants, soaps, countertop coating, shoe foam, etc.

The Institute also studies solutions for the control of contaminant microorganisms in a variety of environments by monitoring contaminations and evaluating the use of biocides against these microorganisms.

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