Development of chemical processes for reuse of waste materials

Waste materials generated by industrial processes, mining and the extractive industry can cause serious environmental problems, which may sometimes prevent the granting of environmental permits and therefore the implementation of a productive unit.

IPT develops chemical processes aimed at reducing the environmental impacts of such waste materials or revaluing them, using them as raw materials for new viable products which are economically advantageous to industry. Examples of such actions are:
  • Development of processes to obtain metals and other chemical compounds from metallic mineral residues;
  • Development of processes to reuse subproducts of the fertilizer industry;
  • Development of processes to obtain charcoal from green coconut and babaçu nut husks;
  • Development of plastic and composite recycling processes aimed at their reuse in industrial processes.

Such projects are developed maintaining total confidentiality and according to the client’s interests and needs.

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