Development, analysis and optimization of processes and operations for the chemical industry

The development and improvement of productive processes are essential for the operational continuity and increasing profitability and competitiveness of Brazil’s chemical industry. There is frequent need for optimization and elimination of bottlenecks. Moreover, small companies seek to enter the market with new products.

For over forty years, IPT has been actively developing processes and improving work methods employed by the chemical industry. The main focus is small and medium-size enterpresises – in the area of process development, and large chemical companies – in the area of improvement and optimization.

The Institute is active in almost all fields of knowledge involving chemical processes, especially in:
  • Chemical reactors: evaluation and design
  • Homogenous and heterogeneous catalysis: obtaining and evaluating catalysts
  • Separation processes: evaluation, design and recommendation
  • Distillation and absorption
  • Liquid-liquid and solid-liquid extraction
  • Adsorption in active carbon and zeolites
  • Crystallization and precipitation: development, evaluation and design
  • Solid-liquid separation: filtration and centrifugation
  • Energy saving in chemical processes: energy and exergy analysis
  • Analysis and simulation of continuous chemical processes
  • Single and multi-objective optimization of chemical processes

Projects are developed in complete confidentiality and according to the client’s interest and possibilities.


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