Bioreactor design

Bioreactor operation is based on the process kinetics and the fluid dynamics of the system. To control the process kinetics, methodologies are required to measure the concentration of the variables of state, such as biomass produced, substrate consumption, and products formed during the process.

For this control, IPT is equipped with totally instrumented bioreactors, with capacities of 0.5 to 100 liters, gas, liquid and ion chromatographs, spectrometers and gas analyzers. Additionally, IPT has instruments for measuring surface tension and viscosity, as well as mathematical tools which allow for simulations of the fluid dynamics of the reactor and the dynamics of the process. The measure of oxygen demand in aerobic processes and the oxygen transfer capacity of aeration systems have also been used in dimensioning bioreactors.

IPT designs industrial bioreactors based on the knowledge acquired from the various biotechnological processes it has developed, thus aiding the implementation of new companies. In addition to the basic design of the bioreactor, the Institute provides support for the operation of equipment and training of the operating team.

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