Analysis and optimization of flow processes in particulate systems

Several areas of industry use particulate materials in the form of powders, suspensions or emulsions, be it as raw materials or as the final product. The use of these materials implies a variety of technological needs related to their storage, transport and processing in mixers, separators, chemical reactors, etc. Many cases involve issues related to the flow of particulate systems in silos, chutes and piles, as well as inside equipment.

IPT offers technological solutions in this area, aided by technical teams, which possess a high level of academic qualification and experience in dealing with industrial issues, both in the area of particle technology and in correlated areas such as computational fluid dynamics, industrial crystallization and precipitation, process development, mineralogy and geotechnics.

Moreover, the Institute has a complete laboratory infrastructure for the characterization of particulate systems, analysis of granulometric distribution, particle morphology, crystalline structures and polymorphism, surface load, contact angle, specific surface area, fluidity and compressibility, etc.

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