Energy and operational efficiency for the water and gas industry and utilities

Operational efficiency is a constant goal of water and gas utilities, for which the use of adequate technologies in their management tools is of fundamental importance. Utility companies’ management of their macro and micro-metering park must not only meet the regulatory demands (ARSESP, ANA, ANP and INMETRO) but also seek to control losses in the distribution system, and satisfy their customers’ special requirements.

Quantification of the balance of losses involves adding up the totals of macro- and micro-metering, the results of which must be traceable to ensure the credibility of the companies’ loss indices. IPT performs calibration services in the field of macro-metering equipment at production sites and at the delivery points for special clients, in addition to evaluating water metering systems and performing water or loss balance assessments at water treatment plants and process units. To this end, IPT has developed an innovative system of digital pitometry to calibrate and monitor meters installed in the field, in pipes with diameters of up to 3 meters.

The operational efficiency of a water supply system is closely related to its hydro-energy efficiency. IPT diagnoses the yield of water pumps at the installations of Water and Sewage Pumping Stations and implements local actions to ensure improvements in energy and hydraulic efficiency.

Based on its specialized knowledge in the fields of statistical engineering and metrology, allied to an ample instrumental infrastructure for micro-metering, IPT performs scientific studies and provides water and gas utility companies with the following information and knowledge, always underpinned by experimental investigations, field research and local or remote measuring of consumption profiles:
  • performance parameters of meters (metrological performance index and loss index) by market segment and according to the characteristics of the metering equipment (type, model, supplier, batch, service life of the metering park);
  • procedures to determine the effects of micro-metering errors on company turnover (billing);
  • results of load characterization of the gas distribution system;
  • adjustments in procedures and technical standards for dimensioning meters, branch lines or networks to the new realities of water and gas consumption;
  • support for the definition of new procedures and parameters under the new regulatory environment of the water and gas sectors.
Loss control is also an important management tool in other industrial sectors. IPT offers different types of services to these sectors, from flow measurement in industrial processes to testing of fans, pumps, compressors and cooling towers.

The Institute also executes projects, commissioning and metrological evaluation services for water and industrial effluent metering systems as well as for sewage treatment plants. For example, many industrial companies and commercial units can benefit from studies that characterize the real balance of water use and release of effluents into the public sewage network, for a rational reduction in water consumption and sewage fees.

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