Evaluation of water and sewage treatment

Practically all human activities generate effluents that cannot always be discharged directly into water bodies, but must first undergo some treatment. Some of these effluents have peculiar characteristics which only allow for their treatment under certain conditions or when subjected to specific processes. Knowledge about the treatability of effluents is crucial to determine the procedures that should be employed to bring these effluents into compliance with quality standards required by law. Domestic sewage must also be evaluated for selection of the most adequate solution in the absence of a sewage collection system in either rural or urban areas.

IPT evaluates existing conditions in public or private water and sewage treatment systems to detect possible faults and recommend improvements.

Furthermore, new solutions for effluent treatment constantly appear on the market, increasing the complexity of decisions about the selection of the most appropriate technologies for certain uses. Evaluation and development of technologies and systems for effluent treatment fall within the scope of activities of IPT, helping to create and improve equipment or to evaluate it based on applicable regulations or on desirable performance criteria for the product.


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