Laboratory for Corrosion and Protection


Founded in 1963, the Laboratory for Corrosion and Protection has been dedicated to the study of corrosion of metallic structures and equipment, making it an important partner for the productive sector in our country. In recent years, the Lab has experienced an exponential growth in demand for R & D studies and for specialized technical services.

The Laboratory for Corrosion and Protection was reopened in July 2009 with modern technology that puts it among the world\’s most advanced laboratories in the area. There are about three thousand square meters of infrastructure, with modern equipment and instruments that allow developing innovative projects with unique expertise and agility in the market.

Watch the video below and learn more about the LCP:
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Major activities:

Biofuels corrosiveness

Characterization and performance tests for anticorrosive organic coatings (paints and varnishes)

Corrosion tests – selection and characterization of metallic materials, including metallic coatings

Corrosion in civil construction

Dynamic corrosion tests and in-autoclave tests

External corrosion of pipelines

Electrochemical tests applied to corrosion studies

Failure analysis and corrective measures for organic coatings

Failure analysis and corrective measures of metallic materials

Internal corrosion of pipelines

Soil corrosivity and cathodic protection

Atmospheric and marine environment in-field tests

Corrosion tests related to mechanical stresses

Microscopic and metallographic analyses

Nanotechnology related to corrosion

Electrodeposition of metals

Basic research and applied technology projects related to corrosion and protection

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