Characterization and evaluation of books and notebooks

IPT has been analyzing the quality of school books by means of tests and analyses since 1999.

The procedures established by IPT for analysis of school books distributed by MEC – Ministry of Education – were the basis for the publication in 2006, of a set of technical standards for school books comprising the following:

  • ABNT NBR 15201-1– Printing technology – School books – Classification of defects and test methods;
  • ABNT NBR 14869-1– Printing technology – School books – Specifications.

The analysis of the physical quality of books involves determining aspects of the graphic process such as printing and finishing, and specification items such as dimensions, basis weight, paper brightness and opacity, adhesive strength and staple galvanization. Specifically for books, magazines and catalogs, IPT offers tests for adhesive strength by the page-pull and page-flex methods.

Analysis of school books performed by the Institute for MEC resulted in improvements in the physical quality of the school books handed out to elementary and middle level students in public schools. The database created by this analysis permits observation of the evolution and quality profile of the Brazilian printing industry, as well as its limitations. This database also underpins changes in analytical procedures and modifications of the specifications requested by MEC for school books.

In addition to school books, IPT also performs analyses of notebooks.

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