Evaluation of materials used in paving structures with emphasis on asphalt mixtures

The good performance and durability of asphalt paving for urban streets, roads and airport runways are tied to a paving design for the intended traffic load, quality asphalt mixtures and the use of adequate construction techniques. In this context, IPT has technical teams and laboratories equipped to evaluate the quality of asphalt mixtures and their constituent materials from the standpoint of durability, comfort, safety and acoustics. The laboratory infrastructure allows for testing of the main components of an asphalt mixture, such as asphalt binders, modified or otherwise, and aggregates.

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IPT performs all the tests specified by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) for asphalt binders, as well as tests on aggregates to verify compliance to specifications according to the asphalt mixture being evaluated. IPT also engages in field activities to extract test specimens and collect asphalt mixtures from the plant or site of application.

Furthermore, IPT performs studies to develop and propose the use of asphalt mixtures made of conventional and new materials, devising formulas with special characteristics for particular uses, such as mixtures that provide greater tire adherence to paved surfaces, offer better drainage or mitigate traffic noise, among other applications.

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